Update on knitted sleeveless top and knitted bee hive pincushion.

Hello everyone,
How is everyone? Are you enjoying the sunshine I hope so.

I have been knitting and more knitting here is an update on the sleeveless top I am making for little old me.

The back is done and I am now half way through the front, at first I said this would be for summer but I think it will be to warm, that dose not matter it will be good for layering in the winter months perhaps a long sleeved cotton top underneath.

Years ago I used to make my knitted pincushions and any of you regular blog readers may remember the knitted bee hive pincushion I made,

well I have been thinking of giving it a bit of a face lift and updating the design and change the colour a little to, I may add a little embroidery so watch this space and I will keep you updated on the next post.

Here is another picture of another pincushion I made a while ago to, with bee's and honey pot.

I am going a little bee mad I know but I think they have a lovely colour and they are good for our gardens and countryside.

I also have to admit I love honey on my toast, yummy!

Enjoy the rest of your week 
Happy knitting or stitching

Julie xx

Simple knitted cap sleeve top.

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well? it looks like we are in for a lovely Bank Holiday here in my part of the UK the sun is shining and it is warm, what more could we ask for.

I have a knitting project to show, this one is for me and it is nice and simple.

using self patterning DK yarn on 4mm needles. I am writing this pattern myself as I go along beginning with rib k1, p1, then garter stitch for the main body and as I start the armhole I add a Lace work stitch pattern which is a 4 row pattern and quite easy to memorise, but keep a row counter handy as you knit.

As I mentioned the yarn is DK but I purchased this on our local market so I couldn't say where you might be able to purchase this sorry.

Next I have a couple of books to show you the first one is 201 knitting motifs, blocks, and ideas by Nicki Trench,

I really love this one, it has lovely ideas and the library of stitch patterns and pictures are quite clear  and easy to follow.

You can buy this at most good retailers and I have seen it on Amazon and at Search Press.

The second one is for beginner crochet and quite handy as a reference book for an intermediate too.

and you will never guess how much I bought this for £3.00 at the Works Book Shop, now that is a bargain wouldn't you agree.

So that is all for now, I will try and update some pictures of the WIP cross stitch for mini black cat calendar next time.

bye for now and happy stitching or knitting xx

Crochet Hen and Birds and I finished a crochet shawl/wrap.

Hello everyone,

How are you all? Well I don't know how the weather is where you are but here in the North of England we have sunny cool and cloudy sky, I don't think I will be putting away my big coat just yet.

This is just a quick catch up and I wanted to show you my finished crochet hen and birds,

super cute all I used was DK leftover yarn.

You probably saw these photos on my Revelry page where you can find more details about the pattern and designer, use the links on the right side of my blog.

I also made this group of crochet birds,

again made with DK yarn from my stash. The pattern for these three were from Let's Get Crafting magazine and the designer was Irene Strange, you can check more details on my Revelry page.

Also here is my crochet shawl or wrap I made for myself,

this is one I put together myself and the stitches I used were blocks of half trebles and chains with a 4.5mm hook. The yarn is by SIRDAR Romance.

Well that is all for the moment I promise to show some cross stitch updates in the next post and a few more WIP ,s I am knitting.

So till next time have a lovely weekend.

bye for now

Julie xx

Bird and teacup cross stitch finish and new mini black cat cross stitch calendar project.

Hello everyone,

How are you all on this wet cold snowy day here in the UK? well we don't have allot of snow it is only sleet mixed with rain. So because it is to cold to go for a walk I thought I would stay in and keep dry, Mr C is watching Winter Olympics and I am sat in a cosy corner of my craft room ready to start sewing.
Just before I do that I will show you one finish and a couple of new starts for cross stitching.

In the March issue 2018 of Cross Stitch Crazy magazine there is a free Bird in a teacup card kit by Durene Jones here is a link to her Etsy shop and instead of using mine as a card I have put it on the front of one of my old journals.

I think it works a treat but I have just noticed I have not stuck it in between the spots very well whoops! it's for me it won't matter.

The next new cross stitch project is the mini black cat designs from my blog friend Lynn B at
Happiness Is Cross Stitching
Lynn has started mini black cat patterns for each month and at the end it will make a lovely calendar to display on the wall pop on over to Lynn's and find more details about the series.

I have some 18count Aida in my stash which may not be everyone choice but it works for me and I will be choosing my own colours.

That's not all I also have this winter house cross stitch pattern I will be stitching to.

I purchased this last year so it is about time I made a start on this one before summer comes. The pattern is from Tiny Modernist by Cheryl Mackinnon you can download PDF patterns from her site.
I am using blue 14 count Zweigart fabric which was in my stash and not the one suggested on the pattern, I like to use what I have where possible if it works which it dose so I am happy with that.

Well that is all for now, till next time happy stitching or knitting everyone.

Julie.C x

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