Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Knitted Fancy Hen finished and needle felt toad stool.

Hello everyone,
Been a while since I did an update on my blog but if you wonder what I am up to you can always see posts on my Instagram page too.

As crafting goes it has been a little up and down for me lately I think the only things I seem to focus on are needle felting and my knitting/crochet. There are a couple of cross stitch WIP s and an embroidery flower which has been weeks since I started it, the embroidery flower I had been stitching is one of my own projects its nearly finished but like I say just haven't wanted to pick it up.

But any way what I can show is the finished Knitted fancy hen

pattern is by Ella Austin BomBella designs, you can find her patterns on Ravelry.

This poncho above I was knitting with Womens Institute yarn in Aran weight well I finished it but I will not be wearing it 😐
Reason being it looks horrid on me, nothing wrong with the pattern that works fine. Don't you just hate it when the model in the photo looks great and you think yeah that will look good on me to no way Hmmm!
But I am never put off I have no problem undoing and starting again with something else, yes you heard me. It's fine though I would rather do that than shove it at the back of my draw and not wear it, so I am on the hunt for something else to make with this yarn which I love it is so soft and snuggly to work with. I will keep you updated on this one.

Now for a little bit of needle felting here is a cute toad stool house

this hobby is still very much a learning process but enjoyable it is a little addictive when I think about the first kit I bought which was from Hobby craft here in the UK, because I had some vouchers given to me as a gift I made a mouse which is on a previous post. It has certainly been something new to try while on this lockdown but I don't think I will be giving up my knitting or stitching they will always be my first love.
The pattern or kit can be purchased at Lincolnshire Fenn Crafts

I will post again as I have a crochet blanket to show you and some stitching to.
Everybody take care and stay safe.

bye for now Julie x

Saturday, 11 April 2020

Flower embroidery update and new knitting projects.

Hello everyone, How are you all?

I do hope all is well with you my readers in these uncertain times.
As we are all keeping ourselves indoors it is surprising how many jobs around the house that I see unfinished or I hear myself saying I will get round to that another day. The same can be said about my craft room where I have a few boxes here and there storing WIPs or unfinished projects, I have started working my way through some and finishing, however it dose not seem to stop me starting any new ones either 😊 hmmm!

Here is one WIP which is a fairly new start my Flower embroidery

this is one of my own designs and I have stitched on linen using DMC threads, I am just finishing strands of grass around the stones. It is a nice relaxing project that I can pick up any time on rush with this one.

Now for knitting projects years ago when my children were younger I would make lot's of knitted toys and for some reason I felt the need to knit a Teddy, just to see if I could still do it.

How cute is he with his red dungarees I used chunky yarn by King Cole. The pattern is an old booklet I had called Fuzzy Mittens Fuzzy Knits by Barbara Prime.

There are 12 designs in this book all animals, check out her website Fuzzy Mitten
Next I knitted these cute Hens

why because the pattern is in Fair isle and I have wanted to tackle this technique for a while now and I loved the idea of making little hens in this way. The design and pattern is by Susan B Anderson I think you can see from the picture the orange tan colour was the first attempt with a few mistakes then I made the 2nd which turned out a little neater as I was starting to get the hang of it. Good practise, check out Susan's Instagram

So now that I am on a roll I bought this pattern to make a Fancy Hen again in Fair isle

I have not used the yarns as shown in the pattern instead I already have plenty of stash yarn that needed using and I choose Stylecraft Special DK yarn on 4mm circular needles. The pattern can be found at Baa ram ewe 
I just love something different to knit that is fun to look at and makes you smile. I hope you are finding nice things to do together, try a new hobby or anything you like.

So that's all for now, hope to show you more updates soon.
Bye for now

Julie x

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Owl wall hanging and hand embroidery Daisy finished.

Hi everyone, How are you all?
I have some finishes to show you the owls in the tree,

using felt applique on cotton fabric and DMC threads and made into a wall hanging.
I first found the template for the tree in one of my old magazines then changed and added everything else to suit what I wanted.

Here is the magazine showing the tree template from Love Crafting.

My own hand embroidery finish for the Daisy using DMC threads and adding swirls and beads, then displaying in a small hoop.

I also got around to finishing my small embroidery Hedgehog

I feel I have accomplished a little, it always feels good when you have a finish. Up to now I have tried keeping on top of new starts and making sure a finished project dose not go in the draw with the idea of I will display that later.
I do how ever have a new start and this is going to be another embroidery, I made a few drawings and have collected all the thread colours and fabric ready, that will be something to show in the next post or on my Instagram page.
So till next time have a lovely week.
bye for now
Julie C x

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Crochet cushion and other crafty makes.

Hello all, How is everyone?

Well this is a bit late posting isn't it I meant to post for Christmas and now it's February. The thing is I do post allot on Instagram because as you know if you use it yourself writing a short post is pretty quick on there so my little old blog is forgotten 😐
So even though we are into our second month of the year here is an updateπŸ˜€
I might as well show my finished Christmas truck cushion,

the pattern was taken from Annie's Christmas special 2019 at
I used yarn from my stash and cross stitched the truck onto the crochet front and finished with a fabric backing.

Next knitting in progress I am making a cape using Women's Institute Yarn Aran weight in this go urges mustard colour. 

the pattern is from Knitting Magazine the pattern name is Paru by Jane Ellison. I have nearly finished the front and then I will soon be starting the back, it will look great with a long sleeved T shirt or short.

I hope to finish these cute fabric coasters made with scraps the pattern is by The Patchsmith by Amanda Weatherill she has a whole collection of mug rugs to choose from.

as soon as I have finished the coasters I will have a go at the matching mug rug too
I am also in the process of making a fabric wall hanging using wool felt applique and hand stitching the pieces because I love hand stitching as long as is not to intricate as these days I get eye strain very quickly, that is why I have not been cross stitching much lately.

I will be changing allot of the pattern and adding little extras that I would like to see in the display, and that will be something I can show you in the next post.
So till next time, have lovely weekend.

Julie C x 

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Needle felt Fox finished and large pansy cross stitch.

Hello everyone, 

Wow! the months are flying past for me and the Christmas tree is already up at work ( no we have not put ours up yet)πŸ˜€ however I am well ahead on gift shopping only 4 more to buy, all the cards are bought ready to write and fly out the door. How are you progressing?

For those of you who follow me on Instagram (link at the side of blog) you will have seen my needle felt finishes it is something I have been dabbling with and it is a nice relaxing venture not sure how far I will go with this but very enjoyable at the moment. Who would of thought it all started with a kit that was given to me as a gift.
My latest needle felt finish is this Fox

Handsome isn't he

he is 6 inches tall and it probably took me longer than some might have done but then I have not made that many needle felt projects it is all still a learning curve for me. This cute kit was purchased from The Woolly Rabbit go check out Elaine's website she has some lovely Christmas kits.

While I practise with this medium I have made this quirky armchair

complete with a little cute cushion

It makes a useful pincushion. Also I tried out these little Christmas stockings.

Not decided how I will display these yet but it was good practise.
Now onto the large cross stitch pansy I finished

this has been stitched on large 6 count Aida using various yarns and colours, then I folded in the sides and covered with felt backing to make into a table mat.

In a previous post I said the pattern was from a book by Arne & Carlos called Knit-and -Crochet Garden by Search Press.

Also a previous project which was my Hedgehog embroidery that is finished too but I will show this in another post as I have not finished framing it. Unfortunately I am not sure how many more detailed embroidery's or small cross stitch projects I will be making, my eye sight is not the best I ware glasses and the strain on this kind of work is not helping, hence the fact large cross stitch on larger holed Aida will be what I will be using. I do use a daylight lamp with a good magnifier but even so I am not willing to hurt my eyes for the sake of this hobby even though I love it, there are always ways round this though isn't there so in good lighting 14 count Aida is OK but probably more of 6 count is better. I still have my crocheting and knitting and drawing that is plenty to keep me out of trouble πŸ˜€

So keep a look out for posts on woolly things with hooks and knitting needles instead oh and a little fabric sewing too.

Till next time, enjoy your week.

bye for now  Julie xx