Sunday, 11 February 2018

Bird and teacup cross stitch finish and new mini black cat cross stitch calendar project.

Hello everyone,

How are you all on this wet cold snowy day here in the UK? well we don't have allot of snow it is only sleet mixed with rain. So because it is to cold to go for a walk I thought I would stay in and keep dry, Mr C is watching Winter Olympics and I am sat in a cosy corner of my craft room ready to start sewing.
Just before I do that I will show you one finish and a couple of new starts for cross stitching.

In the March issue 2018 of Cross Stitch Crazy magazine there is a free Bird in a teacup card kit by Durene Jones here is a link to her Etsy shop and instead of using mine as a card I have put it on the front of one of my old journals.

I think it works a treat but I have just noticed I have not stuck it in between the spots very well whoops! it's for me it won't matter.

The next new cross stitch project is the mini black cat designs from my blog friend Lynn B at
Happiness Is Cross Stitching
Lynn has started mini black cat patterns for each month and at the end it will make a lovely calendar to display on the wall pop on over to Lynn's and find more details about the series.

I have some 18count Aida in my stash which may not be everyone choice but it works for me and I will be choosing my own colours.

That's not all I also have this winter house cross stitch pattern I will be stitching to.

I purchased this last year so it is about time I made a start on this one before summer comes. The pattern is from Tiny Modernist by Cheryl Mackinnon you can download PDF patterns from her site.
I am using blue 14 count Zweigart fabric which was in my stash and not the one suggested on the pattern, I like to use what I have where possible if it works which it dose so I am happy with that.

Well that is all for now, till next time happy stitching or knitting everyone.

Julie.C x

Thursday, 8 February 2018

My Owl embroidery is finished .

Hello everyone,

The Owl is finished at last,

I have enjoyed stitching him it was quite fun.

Next I will decide on how I want to display the owl and it won't be in a hoop, you will have to wait till my next post to see the final finish.

Thank you for your kind comments on here and on Instagram I appreciate all the visits to my blog.

Till next time
Happy stitching

Julie.C x

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Progress on my owl embroidery and I made a fabric pouch to display the deer cross stitch.

Hello everyone,
How are you all?

I have an owl embroidery update

I made a few colour changes around the branch I wasn't happy with the previous colours I choose so had to unpick that area and replaced them with DMC 3781, 3022 I am pleased with these two new colours now.

So I had a break from stitching the owl to think about how I would finish and display the Deer cross stitch I did (check previous post) and here is the result.

Using the rim of an embroidery hoop and no zip ya! to hang on the wall or the edge of your table great, I think I might make a few more.

I know this is not a new idea I have seen quite a few online in fact when I was reading through my old cross stitch magazines like October Issue 323 CrossStitcher  inside this one is a Scandi-style bag with hoop, so if you would like to check it out go on there Facebook page here

The cross stitch pattern in the mag is by Lucie Heaton which is one I plan to stitch sometime, and there we are in my next post hopefully I will be able to show you the Owl embroidery all finished.

So till next time
Happy stitching/knitting

Julie x

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