Friday, 23 December 2016

Wishing you all a safe and peaceful Christmas.


Crochet Snowman Pattern from Redheart



Thursday, 22 December 2016

Finished Dogs Leave Paw Prints cross stitch and Autumn house pattern is framed.

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well and looking forward to your Christmas break, I know I am as today is my last day at work and I could do with catching my breath and relaxing.

I wanted to do a quick update and show you the finished Dogs leave Paw Prints cross stitch.

This pattern is by Lizzie Kate designs

stitched on evenweave, I purchased the pattern from Fobbles and it comes complete with the dog bone gem, this is hanging on my kitchen wall.

At last I found a suitable frame for the finished Autumn cross stitch

you can find this pattern purchased as a download at Tinymodernist

I have not quite finished the Ship Ahoy pattern you may remember reading in previous posts, but here is an update so far,

i should have no excuse to finish this one over the holidays and I will post a picture as soon as I have.

Before I go here is a crochet project that I had been asked to make by a friend at work, her Grand son wanted the Kevin the carrot toy that had been showing in an advert on the TV and all had been sold out. So she asked would I be able to make one, well I managed it and here is my version.

What do you think? I am told he loves it.

Well that's all for now, have an enjoyable day.

bye for now

Julie x

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Autumn cross stitch update and knitted owls.

Hi everyone,

Well here we are and November is upon us the weather here in the UK is sunny and mild but I believe temperature's are going to drop near the end of the week.

With all the lovely Autumn colours around now the leaves are falling I have made progress with the Autumn cross stitch I started.

I just love the colours for this one, pattern is from Tiny Modernist

The progress on the ship ahoy pattern is coming along to I will show you pictures of that quite soon.

 I have been shopping in our local charity store and what did i find, more cross stitch patterns,

I could not resit they were such a bargain £2.00 for three magazines,

and these three were  50p each (single patterns) well that's another lot to add to my stash.

Did I mention that I was knitting two owls for my friend at work well I have finished them and just in time for Christmas too, that is good going for me.

Yarn used is King Cole Tinsel chunky, knitted on 5mm needles and scraps of DK yarn for the face and claws.
You can find details for this yarn at KingCole

Well that's all for now, have a lovely weekend.

Julie x

Friday, 28 October 2016

Knitted hat and crochet scarf as gifts and stitching update.

Hello everyone,

How are we all hope you are well, thank you for your comments and visits to my blog.

Are any of you starting to make gifts for Christmas? or perhaps you are preparing for Halloween.
I have started a fun hat for one little person I saw these fun novelty hat kits over at
PurpleLinda Crafts

It also comes with the pattern and you can choose  crochet or knitted.

I finished this crochet shawl using SIRDAR snuggley DK yarn and a cream contrast colour in DK.

worked on a 4 mm hook stitch pattern is in trebles. Nice and easy.

The pattern is from Shawls an Wraps by Laura Strutt

In the book it shows the shawl crocheted in an emerald green yarn but as you can see I wanted a different colour, this book has a lovely collection of designs and I was lucky enough to buy this with some gift vouchers I was given.

I have some cross stitch updates the ship ahoy design I started in previous post is still on going I have not done as much has i would have liked,

my eyes have been a little tired. Even though I use my magnifier when stitching on even weave it can be hard to see for me sometimes  but it will soon be finished as it's not a large picture.

I am also stitching this Autumn design using those lovely rust and gold colours,

which is being stitched on 14 count rustic aida and not a strain on my eyes. Maybe 14, 16, and 18 count fabric would be easier to use for me there is no point in straining your eyes I enjoy my stitching so much it is so relaxing.
Anyway the above pattern can be found at Tiny Modernist

Well that is all for now and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

bye for now
Julie x

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Fabric heart garland and knitted crop cardigan.

Hello everyone,

Gosh October already this is the time of year when I enjoy seeing Autumn colours and the reminder of cooler mornings ahead.

Nest of Knitted Birds by Julie.C

It is also time for me to plan any Christmas gifts I want to make so they can be finished in time, which will be some knitted and crochet gifts.

 But first I want to show a few finished projects I made for Suzie, here is a fabric heart garland made for her bedroom.

I used scraps of colours I had in my stash and added felt flowers on the darker pink hearts and she loved it.

Next I had knitted this little crop cardigan a month ago but had not got round to showing you this was also for my Grand daughter while the weather was still mild for her to wear it.

Knitted with Sirdar Jolly which is lovely and soft to work with, it is machine washable too.

Have I ever shown you my work space well here is a photo, I am lucky to be able to use the small back bedroom in our house. OK you may think and isn't it tidy well on the other side of the room it is shall we say quite well stocked with loads of yarn in plastic boxes and shelves storing my craft books etc; when I get round to tidying that side of the room I shall post a picture.

Now I am off to start that list of projects to be made and organised, wish me luck.

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend 

bye for now

Julie x

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Starting a new cross stitch project. Ship Ahoy...

Hello everyone,

Rain Rain for the last 2 days but I don't mind the ground was so dry and it is a break from the hot sun.

It is a good time to stay in and stitch, here is my latest project.

Designed by Durene Jones the pattern was in CrossStitcher magazine, October 2015 issue.

Stitched on 28 count evenweave using DMC threads.
I thought this would look nice hanging in the bathroom or the kitchen. Mr C actually asked would I be stitching this one, possibly a hint :)

Have you stitched any patterns by Durene Jones? you can find more patterns in her Etsy shop here
and in various magazines to.

Before I go I just wanted to say a big thank you for leaving comments on my blog, now I am off to enjoy the rest of my weekend. Hope you do to.

Julie x

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Jane and The Happy Crow cross stitch pattern finished at last.

Hi everyone, How are you all. It looks like it will be another warm day today here in the UK.

Well I have finished the In The Garden cross stitch.

If you remember from previous posts the pattern is produced by Riverdrift Studio
and the artwork by Jane Winton/Jane and the Happy Crow.
Stitched on 14 count cream Aida using Anchor threads. All ready to be framed now then i will be hanging this in my living room.

I also want to show you a small Autumn pillow I finished

 I stitched this on 18 count using DMC threads and you can find the pattern over at Lynn B's blog Here 
 On the reverse side is a lovely verse from Emily Bronte.

 I have been treating myself to this helpful stitch book by Jane Greenoff, beautifully illustrated with picture tutorials showing 101 counted stitches and techniques.

It also came with some fabric and threads which you could practise with, you will find more details at The Cross Stitch Guild
Jane's website offers a lovely collection of patterns and kits with tutorials to, well worth a visit.

Well that's all for now I am off to finish a few chores around the house before walking Bruno who seems to relaxed to go out don't you think.

Till next time
Julie xx

Thursday, 11 August 2016

WIP owl embroidery and cross stitch updates.

Hello everyone,
How are you all?

The weeks have been busy and I have been snatching a few hours here and there to work on my embroidery project, this was a fun sketch I did of an owl on a branch.

Slow progress on the cross stitch for Jane and The Happy Crow you may have seen in previous posts, not much more really. I cannot wait to hang it on the wall when finished.

What else have I been stitching well I made a simple needle case for a family friend with scraps of felt and applique flowers on the front of the case, she was thrilled to bits when I gave it to her because she is just starting to learn how to cross stitch so you can imagine I have been sorting through all my stash for fabric aida and threads for her to practise with.

I have also made a card for my sisters birthday

Well I hope you have been enjoying the weather where ever you are today is a little dull but the clouds are starting to clear, and if the weather man is right we are in for another  heat wave here in the UK. It has been to hot for me to knit and to be honest apart from knitting a little short sleeved top for my Grand daughter made with Paton's dk cotton that has been all I have wanted to do.

Cross stitch and embroidery is allot cooler to do and I am enjoying the process, I have been drawing small sketches for ideas for myself which is fun to do. I hope you are finding time to relax and sew and having a fabulous week.

Till next time
Julie x

Monday, 2 May 2016

Progress on Jane and The Happy Crow cross stitch.

Hello everyone,

How are you all? I hope you are having a nice Bank Holiday, if you are like Mr C and I we tend not to venture to far on the roads it gets so busy on BH just opting for a chilled out weekend instead.
The weather here is still dull and wet with strong winds but with a possible brighter afternoon, fingers crossed then.

While I wait for the sun I will show you how far I am with Jane and The Happy Crow x-stitch,

quite a bit to go yet but enjoying stitching this one. I already have a place on the wall where I am going to hang it.

While I do that one I am also working on a small heart sampler of my own,

as you can see I am stitching a small bookmark to. I was thinking of adding either some small decorative buttons or charms, I will have a route through my stash and see what will work best.

Remember I told you in the last post I was making a crochet blanket for a baby and a few things for my Nephews two little girls, well here are some pics of them all finished and ready to be given and posted.

Three cardigans one knitted and two crochet, not forgetting I added the knitted rabbit in the parcel to.

Here is the crochet baby blanket.

Just an easy granny square pram blanket with five crochet flowers, I used James C Brett chunky yarn for this lovely and soft.

Hopefully now I can find some free time to make some things for myself so until next time enjoy your weekend.

bye for now

Julie x

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Knitted Bunny Rabbit, WIP crochet and cross stitch.

Hello everyone,

We are enjoying a sunny April morning here today I hope you are too.

I have some show and tell projects on the blog this morning hope you like them.  Here is a finished knitted rabbit for my Nephews daughter.

He is so soft and cuddly just right for grabbing hold of with little hands.

This is from a SIRDAR knitting pattern using Sirdar Crofter DK yarn on 4mm needles.

Also I am in the middle of another granny square pram blanket for a friend from work.

It is for a boy so no pinks in the colour choice, I opted for yarn by James C Brett chunky, and for the border I have some cream yarn in my stash to finish with.

Not to miss showing you how my cross stitch projects are going here is how I have been doing so far.

pattern from Lynn B at

The Time for Tea pattern is sort of finished but I am in the process of how to display it instead of putting it in a frame, as you can see I have added a  hexagon border and my plan is to add wadding and a fabric backing so I can then hang in the kitchen.

You may remember this one from a previous post, a design from the artist Jane and The Happy Crow. You can by the kits from Riverdrift House

Progress is a little slow but I am hoping for a good run at it soon, I have had so many knitting projects to finish for people it is hard to say no sometimes then I get over whelmed.

My plan is to stitch more in the coming months and have a little rest from knitting for others, I have a sketch pad full of ideas to make into cross stitch and don't seem any nearer to full filling this dream, Mr C says you are to soft and need to be firmer with yourself and just do it. It looks so easy when I read this but I know in my heart it is doable.

I will end the post on that note and see you next time.

best wishes
Julie x

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Happy Easter Everyone.

Hello everyone,

Just dropping by with a short post, I have been working on unfinished projects these past weeks which include knitting a soft bunny rabbit toy for my Nephews daughter and crocheting a simple pram blanket for a friend at work who is waiting for the arrival of her first Grandson.

Not forgetting a little cross stitching in the evenings too.

Here are a couple of older pictures of projects I made with an Easter theme.

Knitted Hen and Chicks. by Julie.C

Knitted Bunny Rabbit. by Julie.C

The Graphics Fairy

Image from the The Graphics Fairy

Have a lovely weekend

bye for now.
Julie xx

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Finished Chalkboard Cross Stitch and I made a Rag doll.

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well and finding time to stitch or knit something for yourself, I have at last finished the chalkboard cross stitch pattern which I shared with you in the previous post.

Pattern by Lynn B at Happiness is Cross stitching.

As you can see I have yet to finish how I am going to display it, I may do a fabric border I have not decided yet but I will share a picture in the next post.

I am still stitching  Jane and the Happy Crow pattern I started which is coming along nicely I will have pictures to follow on that one next time.

But I must show you my Rag doll I made which I am quit pleased with

I have not given her a name yet, I am sure Suzie my Grand daughter will think of one when I show her tomorrow.

The clothes can be removed I put a press stud on the back of the blouse and elastic around the waist of the skirt, I also made some knickers in the pink spotted fabric too.

Then I used Aran yarn from my stash for the hair this is the part I find difficult to do next time I make one I will use chunky yarn, there are a few other changes I would make which is fine but all in all this is the first time I have made a doll with fabric.
If you have followed my blog over the years in older posts you may remember I have knitted dolls like the one at the top of the blog and I have crocheted one too, I think the pictures for those are still on my Flicker page and Revelry page.

This was fun to make though and I cannot wait to see what Suzie thinks.

Till next time
Happy sewing or knitting.

Julie x

Friday, 12 February 2016

Happy Valetines.

Hello everyone,

Hope you have a lovely weekend and have a Happy Valentines day.

image from here

bye for now
Julie x

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