Saturday, 30 January 2016

WIP Cross Stitch

Well hello everyone,

How are you enjoying your weekend? It is very windy and cold over here in the UK and now I am tucked in at home ready to spend an evening stitching.

In my last post I showed you a x stitch kit I had bought for me the design is taken from the artist Jane Winton s work know as Jane and The Happy Crow

Here is my progress so far

the pattern is very easy to follow the colours are a joy to stitch with, I love bright and cheerful colours.

I also started a smaller project as well I tend to do this when i am working on one larger design so I don't feel to daunted.
This pattern is from my blog friend Lynn B at Happiness is Cross Stitch
called Chalkboard Time For Tea.

I cannot remember the last time I stitched on black fabric, just remember to place a white sheet on your knee so the holes show up. I am using 3 strands so you cannot see any gaps, this will look quite nice in my kitchen when finished, I will keep you posted.

Till next time 
Happy stitching everyone.

Julie x

Friday, 22 January 2016

Relaxing with cross stitch.

Hello everyone,

Well I feel like adding a post it has been awhile as you know I wanted to relax a little from blogging and I probably will, the doctors have altered my treatment for the crohn's and I feel like i have had a bit of a boost energy wise which always makes you feel good i can tell you.

So on that note I have picked up my cross stitching which is even more relaxing than knitting at times and for Christmas I had this lovely  kit bought for me, 

you can buy this kit from Riverdrift House
Jane Winton is the artist who has had some of her work made into cross stitch kits. I love the bright colours and it looks so cheerful, I will certainly enjoy stitching this one.

I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend and find time for a little stitching, till next time

bye for now
Julie x

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