WIP Cross Stitch

Well hello everyone,

How are you enjoying your weekend? It is very windy and cold over here in the UK and now I am tucked in at home ready to spend an evening stitching.

In my last post I showed you a x stitch kit I had bought for me the design is taken from the artist Jane Winton s work know as Jane and The Happy Crow

Here is my progress so far

the pattern is very easy to follow the colours are a joy to stitch with, I love bright and cheerful colours.

I also started a smaller project as well I tend to do this when i am working on one larger design so I don't feel to daunted.
This pattern is from my blog friend Lynn B at Happiness is Cross Stitch
called Chalkboard Time For Tea.

I cannot remember the last time I stitched on black fabric, just remember to place a white sheet on your knee so the holes show up. I am using 3 strands so you cannot see any gaps, this will look quite nice in my kitchen when finished, I will keep you posted.

Till next time 
Happy stitching everyone.

Julie x

1 comment:

Sheryl S. said...

Gosh Julie, I have never stitched on black, must be quite difficult, will enjoy watching your progress.

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