Sunday, 28 February 2016

Finished Chalkboard Cross Stitch and I made a Rag doll.

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well and finding time to stitch or knit something for yourself, I have at last finished the chalkboard cross stitch pattern which I shared with you in the previous post.

Pattern by Lynn B at Happiness is Cross stitching.

As you can see I have yet to finish how I am going to display it, I may do a fabric border I have not decided yet but I will share a picture in the next post.

I am still stitching  Jane and the Happy Crow pattern I started which is coming along nicely I will have pictures to follow on that one next time.

But I must show you my Rag doll I made which I am quit pleased with

I have not given her a name yet, I am sure Suzie my Grand daughter will think of one when I show her tomorrow.

The clothes can be removed I put a press stud on the back of the blouse and elastic around the waist of the skirt, I also made some knickers in the pink spotted fabric too.

Then I used Aran yarn from my stash for the hair this is the part I find difficult to do next time I make one I will use chunky yarn, there are a few other changes I would make which is fine but all in all this is the first time I have made a doll with fabric.
If you have followed my blog over the years in older posts you may remember I have knitted dolls like the one at the top of the blog and I have crocheted one too, I think the pictures for those are still on my Flicker page and Revelry page.

This was fun to make though and I cannot wait to see what Suzie thinks.

Till next time
Happy sewing or knitting.

Julie x

Friday, 12 February 2016

Happy Valetines.

Hello everyone,

Hope you have a lovely weekend and have a Happy Valentines day.

image from here

bye for now
Julie x

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