Friday, 20 January 2017

Second update on my YouTube channel and more details on this blog post to.

Hello everyone,

 Hope you are all well and ready for the weekend, I have a second update on my You Tube channel talking about all my project updates and general chit chat.

Here are some pictures of what I showed on the channel.

Finished at last the Ship Ahoy cross stitch all ready to be framed and displayed.
Pattern is by Durene Jones

I have stitched a little more on the Owl Bell Pull cross stitch and I love the colours in this one.

Now for my knitting updates I want to start knitting some more socks, and I purchased this book with a super collection of patterns to do just that from Hobby craft at a bargain price. Also I picked out 2 balls of DMC Natura cotton for £1.75 each.

I have only ever made one pair of socks and that was many years ago and they are still going strong now, here is the book I used then to make some leg warmers and socks.

DK yarn for the leg warmers and sock yarn for the socks and these socks were knitted on 2 needles. Patterns from the book are by Emma King

I have nearly finished a pair of fingerless gloves from a pattern in this book to,

this is DK yarn from my stash sorry but I cannot remember what make it is but it is just enough to finish them.

Well that's all for now until next time, have a lovely weekend.

Happy stitching or knitting

Julie x


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

Hi Julie, I had a cup of tea while I watched your video. I love fingerless mitts and you said about making them for your daughter. I was a teacher too, and used to always wear them under another pair of mittens while out on the yard, so when the children wanted help with zippers/buttons etc, taking off the top mittens meant my fingers were free to assist but my hands didn't get really cold. You certainly have been buy with your different projects. Glad you got the ship all finished. Have a good weekend.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

meant to say, I don't use mug cozies, have made a couple but have never used them. I think I donated them around a mug to the thrift store :)

Julie.C said...

Thank you for watching the video Linda, I remember you are a fan of fingerless gloves too.
Take care.

Crafty Gifts & Crochet said...

Lovely work Julie xx

Julie.C said...

Thank you Jo x

Gabri Ercole said...

Very nice all your works...and good to see you in the canal of Yuo Tube!!Kisses


I want to try knitting socks. It looks difficult ? Your Youtube Video is very good Julie. Marion x

Julie.C said...

Hi Marion, Thank you and you should try knitting some socks it is not as bad as you think.
I replied to your email with some ideas. xx

Julie.C said...

Thank you Gabri Ercole xx

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