Friday, 17 March 2017

See My Friend Lynn's New Etsy shop..

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well? this is a quick post with a link to Lynn B's new Etsy shop

by Lynn B

You may have seen Lynn's blog - Happiness Is Cross stitching
where you can read more about the new products in her shop including Tilda fabric.

In previous posts you have probably seen a few cross stitch projects I have stitched myself by Lynn.

The mini black cat collection is a favourite.

When you visit Lynn's shop you will see Lot's of other goodies such as new Tilda fabrics as well as patterns by Lynn.

bye for now

Julie x


Lynn said...

Hi Julie,

Thankyou so much for posting about my Etsy shop, it is so kind of you!
I love your mini cat finishes they look so lovely.

Best wishes


Julie.C said...

Hi Lynn, It was my pleasure, you stitch some lovely things.
Julie C xx

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