Thursday, 10 August 2017

Knitted tea cosy finished and other stitching progress.

Hello everyone,

How are we all I have not posted for a few weeks I know, I have broke up from work for the holidays at the moment with me working at a school so Mr C and I are away in our caravan on and off.

You can find me on Revelry sometimes and I have posted the odd picture on Instagram  showing pictures of any of my projects I have been working on.

I finished the knitted tea cosy I mentioned last,

pattern is by Lynn Rowe from the Woolnest

I used one of Lynn's other patterns to crochet this bunting for my sisters birthday.

Sue has promised to hang this in her summer house or along the top of her dresser, I hope she remembers to send me a picture.

I have to show you this lovely gift from my blog friend Lynn B at Happiness Is Cross Stitching
it came through the post this morning what a lovely surprise.

A very useful large cross stitch project bag with a see through front so you can easily see which project you have inside, it is beautifully made and with my favourite owl image what a super gift for a st itchy friend.
Oh and check out the owl stitch marker to all made by Lynn B

Here is how it looks with my hoop fabric, threads and notions pouch tucked safely inside.
You can find products similar to this one and many more items in Lynn's shop over at
Stitching Fairy Crafts

Before I go here is an update on the Bee embroidery I have been stitching

the pattern is from Homemade embroidery magazine special, not much more to do.

Well that is all for now, we will be away for 2 weeks so till next time.

happy stitching

Julie xx


Lynn B said...

Hi Julie,
Love the tea cosy and the bunting, very pretty!
So glad you liked the surprise I sent you, thanks for putting a link to my shop, very kind of you.

Have a nice break.

Gabri Ercole said...

Great you a nice holiday in camper!!! Lovely all your works especially tea cos... Have happy weekend

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I've been looking for a teapot cozy pattern and the one you finished looks great. I'll have to check the site you mentioned. Enjoy your holidays.

Julie.C said...

Hi Linda, sorry as usual i'm late replying, the tea cosy pattern was from the Book Knit Yourself Calm by Lynne Rowe.
Julie x

Sheryl S. said...

Gorgeous tea cosy and bunting and I love te Bee embroidery.

Julie.C said...

Thank you Sheryl glad you like the bee embroidery, I need to decide on how I want to display it now.
Julie x

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