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Hello everyone, I'm Julie thank you for stopping by my blog.


Hello and welcome, I have been knitting and sewing for over 40yrs and loved every minute of it, from making knitted toys when my kids were young and now they are grown up they don't need them, so its my granddaughters turn to be spoil ed and treated to what ever flies off my needles.

I was taught by my Gran to knit and over the years I have designed a small collection of my own from knitted pin cushions and a few knitted toys too.
 I must have made over 50 designs in total. I get asked allot to write patterns for them now that more people are learning to knit but find this quite a challenge  as I have made so many, but at some point I will sit down and put pen to paper.
.I have also taught myself to crochet by watching youtube and reading crochet books, including joining an crochet workshop learning the basics which was fun and very helpful.


Blue Flower Embroidery Needle Case.

 I have other hobbies to like Cross Stitch and Hand Embroidery which is something my Mum loved doing too, posting on my blog is a way to show and share projects i am stitching and any I have finished

Hearts and Swirls Cross Stitch Ccushion.

There is nothing better than relaxing in the evening with a needle and thread.

Julie.C x

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